Free Healthcare and Maple Syrup

As my UPS guy said “You’re moving to Canada? That’s what’s up. Free healthcare and maple syrup.” Indeed, UPS guy, indeed.

Well friends, it happened. After months of planning, applications, rejections, appeals, a few premature apartment hunting trips, and a hellish day of travel, I officially live in Toronto. I’m living in a hotel now so it still doesn’t feel real, but I’ve got an appointment with my realtor to see apartments tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have a little place to call my own in the next few days.

Last night my family gave me a proper sendoff with drinks at the Sazerac bar and dinner at Domenica, one of my favorites. I’ve been eating my way through the best of New Orleans over the last few weeks, so June needs to be a bit of a detox…although Toronto has a great food scene I can’t wait to explore!

DomenicaMy Mom, Me, my Godfather and Dad

The move is not something I took lightly, but it seemed to make sense both personally and professionally, and I’m thrilled to get a bit of a fresh start in a new town. I’m planning to use this blog to keep friends and family up to date on moving in and getting to know my new city, so expect an initial flurry of home decor as I get settled and accounts of (hopefully) entertaining adventures as I navigate life in a foreign country.

This week is sure to be busy, with a full schedule at work, setting up Canadian banking, getting enrolled in that free healthcare action, and moving activities in the evening, but I snagged a ticket for a Thursday evening Q&A and book signing with Michael Pollan for his new book Cooked, so I won’t be too much of a homebody.

So, when are you coming to visit?


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