Weekend Highlights

This weekend has been all about Ikea assembly and errands, but the living room is starting to come together!

Yes, I am sleeping on my couch until my bed is delivered – early this week though and it’s a comfy couch.

You’d think the couch would have been the hardest thing to put together – and it was certainly challenging. RIP to my favorite pair of scissors lost in the process. I also made the genius move of buying a replacement pair packed in that awful plastic casing that you really need scissors to open….sigh.


Normally I laugh when Ikea instructions say 2 people required for assembly. Puh-leeze, I can totally handle it. This shower curtain rod, however, was tricky on my own because I just had to go for the fancy curved version. A good half hour of cursing at it and it finally stayed in place.

Loving my new shower curtain!

So aside from a bed, the basics are in and the next step is adding some fun color. I went with neutral furniture and I’m planning to add some fun throw pillows, upholster the coffee table tops so they can double as seating, add a fun armchair and maybe even a plant. I (and my credit card) don’t want to rush it though, so I’ll take my time to find things I really like. Plus, my boxes come this week so I’ll have some things to put on the shelves.

Don’t worry, I’m not decorating 24/7. I also made it out to the St. Lawrence Market (deserves it’s own post!) yesterday morning to pick up some fresh veggies. My neighborhood was also overtaken by Woofstock, a street fest for dogs. Totally amazing madness, obviously.

These guys were very popular:


And this little guy wasn’t so sure about the musicians:


When I got home, I officially broke in my apartment by making my first mess:

farm fresh egg down!

Today I’m heading out for a run, planning to get a bit of work done to make up for being totally distracted by moving stuff all last week, and then I’m meeting my coworkers for a bbq. Happy Sunday everyone!


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