Do you know what it means…

to miss New Orleans?

I sure do. As would be expected, of course, after living there for the last 6 months or so. I grew up in New Orleans, and even though we moved to Texas when I was 12, NOLA was always home. My parents moved back to New Orleans right around the same time I moved to Chicago after college, and I moved in with them for a couple months when I was unemployed a few years ago. It’s a city that has stuck to me like no other, and after living there during two life setbacks I’m pretty sure it has healing powers.

Toronto is great so far, but not having much of a social network in a new city is definitely tough. So excuse me while I indulge in a little homesickness and share some things I’ll definitely miss:

Magnolias and enormous Oak trees



Creole cottages


This graffiti that I passed every day on my way to the gym – it’s in front of the old Hubig’s Pies lot, sadly desolate after last year’s fire.


This one was good too.

Seersucker – although yesterday I saw a priest in Toronto wearing a seersucker blazer and had to restrain myself from hugging the man.


One thing I definitely will not miss? This.


Getting stuck behind a horse and buggy ride in the French Quarter is the WORST. I always feel bad for those poor horses who don’t belong on city streets with cars…and the poor drivers who definitely won’t get anywhere quickly.

Since Toronto is unseasonably cool right now, maybe a big pot of gumbo is in order.


Cheers y’all.


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