Pop of Color

With the basics in place, I had big plans to start on my DIY projects this weekend. But first, my boxes came! Shipping across the border is…complicated…to say the least, but after several calls to UPS my boxes finally landed at my apartment. Naturally, my building was reluctant to accept/store all of my belongings, but this actually worked out in my favor. When the delivery guy called to say that my doorman refused the delivery, I was able to run home from the office (love that 5 minute commute) to deal with it. My friend Bessam came along just in case I needed help, but the UPS guy was nice enough to load everything on his cart and take it up to my apartment – so it actually worked out! The boxes looked like they’d been through a battle, but my stuff made it mostly unscathed. After work, I got to unpack and add some personality to the apartment.

20130616-184024.jpgThat’s better, isn’t it? Ignore the piles of paper, please.

Saturday morning, I was up at dawn – I still don’t have curtains, and despite my best efforts and a large piece of cardboard, the sun won.

20130616-184909.jpgPretty, no?

I got an early start on the day and swung by the farmer’s market before meeting up with the Lululemon run club. The group was awesome – the Lululemon staffers plot out a new route every week with 5, 8, and 10k options. Bonus – they end each run at a local coffee shop, so we had a chance to chat without panting. I’ll definitely go back – great way to learn my way around town, meet new people, and get in a workout all at once. I opted for the 5k, but with my jog there and back it was actually about 5 miles, and a big wake up call that my recent “workout plan” of shlepping my Bed Bath and Beyond purchases home and building Ikea furniture is not cutting it. I guess I should make use of that nice gym downstairs…this week I swear.

I got home and got to work on my big weekend project: dressing up my dressers. I picked up 2 cheap Rast dressers at Ikea, and inspired by Ikea hacks, I set about customizing them. I’d originally planned on staining the sides and painting the drawer fronts a lightish pink, but in a fit of insanity inspiration at the hardware store I decided to mimic a favorite pair of deco coral and gold earrings. I read through tips from other bloggers attempting a similar project, but decided against priming so the wood grain would show through a little. Not because I’m lazy. Really. After filling the original knob holes and sanding down the drawer fronts, I got to painting.

20130616-190338.jpgFrom this…

20130616-190437.jpgTo this…

20130616-190510.jpgTo this!

I took advantage of the sunny day and worked on the balcony, which helped the paint dry quickly. The “coral” is more red than I intended, but I think I like it. Once that was dry, I painted gold along the edges to match the hardware. The pulls are from Lee Valley, the most organized and lovely hardware store I’ve ever seen, btw. I also picked up corner plates for the drawers, but they’re on backorder. After drying overnight, I added a coat of varnish Sunday morning, then put it all together.

With the inspiration earrings

In between coats of paint, I did a little shopping at Anthropologie (& the grocery store) to liven up the kitchen:


20130616-191348.jpgI love these little ceramic produce containers!

20130616-191738.jpgI’ve been eyeing these coasters for months
While out and about, I walked by a giant disco ball – maybe next weekend I’ll add some sparkle?

Or at the very least, get something up on the walls. Maybe add a bed frame…and an area rug…and some lamps…but it’s definitely coming together!


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