What a Difference a Day Makes

Quite the busy day, this one. I worked from home all afternoon so I could manage an Ikea delivery, rug delivery, and blinds installation. I must say, my apartment is looking much homier as a result.

living room 6.26Living room update – a blue/green theme is emerging

My bedroom is also significantly improved, but I didn’t start taking photos until after dark and I still don’t have lamps in there, so you’ll have to wait to see it. It still needs some details (like light…) before it’ll look like anything, so I’ll save that big reveal for another day. I also got a nice little shelving unit for my bathroom, but I’ll spare you photos of my toiletries and just say that I’m very excited to be able to get ready in the morning without playing toiletry dominoes on my bathroom counter.

In other news, it’s officially summer weather in Toronto, and I’ve sadly neglected my balcony in this decorating frenzy so I haven’t been taking advantage of my outdoor space in this lovely weather. Not to worry, I’ve got a half day on Friday with big plans to pick up some outdoor furnishings so I can enjoy the long weekend al fresco. Why the long weekend, you ask? Canada Day, of course! Canada’s equivalent of the 4th of July is on Monday, and I’m excited to celebrate my first Canadian holiday. I’m working up a post on Canadian trivia, so get excited.

I generally took the weekend off of decorating (aside from this little jewelry organization project)…

jewelry board…and spent most of the weekend out and about. I met up with the Lululemon running club for a jog by the harbo(u)r, and followed that up with a boxing class with Levo League. I exchanged numbers with a few people, and got a trial gym membership with one of the girls so now I’ve got a workout buddy. At this rate, I’ll have a new group of friends AND be super fit in no time.

Moving to a new city with a very limited social network is definitely tough, and I’m proud of myself for making an effort to make friends. I’m naturally an introvert, so when left to my own devices I generally prefer to hang out with myself, and going out to meet new people requires a bit of an internal pep talk. That said, somehow it didn’t really dawn on me that I hadn’t lived alone in almost a year until I’d been here for about two weeks. I’d gotten used to having someone around to chat with after work or make dinner with. Before that I’d lived alone for years and loved it, but it does feel a little different now – I think before, spending time alone felt like more of a choice, and now it’s just the default.  A friend of mine posted this video on facebook the other day, and I absolutely loved it – a perfect reminder of how to find joy in being alone:

I took myself on a little date this weekend – just some light shopping and a movie (sidenote – the Bling Ring isn’t worth the price of admission, just watch Pretty Wild on Netflix), and had a great time. If you’ve never gone to a movie alone, I highly recommend it. You might think it’ll be a little awkward sitting by yourself, but 1) if you just look around the theater you’ll start to notice that TONS of people go to movies by themselves and 2) once the lights dim and you’re caught up in the story, any awkwardness vanishes. Getting out of the house more also helps me appreciate living alone again. Coming home to an apartment that is all mine, that is just as quiet or loud and messy or clean as I want it to be is one of life’s great and rare pleasures.

Well this home decor update took a bit of an odd turn, didn’t it?


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    • I wrote the blog post but all credit for the video goes to filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis – I just love it and had to share.

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