Hitting Reset

You guys! I haven’t posted in ages, and I’m sorry. I’m trying to stick to posting at least once a week, but I’ve obviously been lax on that schedule lately. I started making excuses when I suddenly got super sick a couple weeks ago – work stress combined with nonstop apartment projects and a constant effort to meet new people caught up to me, and one day I woke up and couldn’t talk. I’d spent the day before on a lengthy and ultimately unsuccessful apartment decorating excursion, and probably got pretty dehydrated on a hot summer day. I felt weak and exhausted, so my colleagues sent me home (because eww, no one wants that) to recoup before an important business trip. I woke up on the morning of a big client meeting to find that my voice had returned (yay!) but both of my eyes were bright red. Disgusting! Thank goodness for hotel gift shops and Visene.

Mom, stop worrying. I bounced back quickly, and since then I’ve been focusing more on taking care of myself. Since I moved here, I’ve been generally sluggish – a 3 mile run that was easy just a few weeks ago when I was living in New Orleans was suddenly ridiculously hard. Then my skin started freaking out, 16 year old style, my hair started feeling super dry, and my nails started peeling like crazy despite no big changes in diet or vitamins. Weird, and super annoying right? Still, I chalked it up to multiple product switches due to the fact that a lot of my usual products aren’t readily available here.

Now I’m pretty lucky to have a lot of friends in the medical field, so after some quick Gchat consults with a psych pHd candidate and medical resident, it was decided that despite not going out a ton I’ve been wearing myself down by putting so much pressure on myself to finish decorating my apartment, make friends and say yes to as much as possible in the process. Losing my voice was my body’s way of yelling CHILL OUT.

Since then, I’m doing MUCH better all around. A few things that are helping:

1) Yoga. Lululemon hosts free yoga classes in a local park – with the gorgeous weather lately starting Sunday morning with an energetic flow is just PERFECT. Can you spot me among the trees?

photo credit to AJ de Mesa via Lululemon’s Facebook page

Physical activity in general is great for my energy + sanity, and now that I’ve officially started training for a half marathon in October, it’s getting easier and easier to jump out of bed early for a workout.

2) Food. I challenged myself to eat as much as possible from the farmer’s market (rather than the more processed & expensive grocery store options), and it feels awesome. I try to be all about moderation, but sometimes I swing too far in the wrong direction under the guise of not depriving myself and I need to reign it in. Veggies definitely get much of the credit for helping me feel like my old self.

3) Breathe. This is going to sound super cheesy, but at last week’s yoga class the instructor had us do a breathing exercise where with each inhale we silently thanked ourselves for taking the time to do something healthy, and with each exhale we said I love you to ourselves. After ten rounds of focusing on gratitude and self-love I felt more calm and peaceful than I have in months. Taking a moment to pause and breathe is amazing for instant stress management, and something I need to remember to do more often.

Now that I’m feeling better, it’s time for a few weeks of visitors & trips to visit friends, which I’ll recap here soon.



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