The Family That Flows Together…

Happy Civic Day everyone! I actually have no idea what we’re to celebrate on Civic Day other than not having to go to work, but I’ll take it. Despite not knowing what the holiday is about (and being too lazy to Google it), I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Civic Day long weekend for ages because my parents were visiting!

I had such a great time showing my parents around Toronto. Naturally, food was #1 on the agenda. From an amazing, decadent meal with a gorgeous view of the lake at Canoe to slurping noodles at Momofuku (followed by some Crack Pie at the newly opened Milk Bar store), we ate our way through the city. It wasn’t all indulgent though. Between meals my parents got to enjoy the much, much cooler weather here walking all over town. I even convinced them to join me for yoga in the park! My parents are both into yoga – my mom and I even did a workshop together when I was living at home, so doing sun salutations (and attempting handstands!) with my folks just made it so much more fun.


photo courtesy of Lululemon’s Facebook Page

As soon as my parents walked in to my apartment, I started picking their brains about furniture layouts and asking for suggestions to help my living room and bedroom come together. Having undertaken a significant house renovation and decor project themselves, I was eager for their expertise. We decided that by moving my living room furniture over a few feet toward the windows, I’d create enough space to add a console table in the entry way which I can use as an anchor point for a gallery wall to fill in the massive white space. After they took off this morning, I shoved all my furniture into the kitchen and hallway and got to work. With my rug, couch, shelves, wall hangings, and tables in their new homes, I was inspired to fill out the big gap in my shelves and actually go out and buy a TV. Thanks to Civic Day sales, I got a great deal at Best Buy and an hour later I had my shiny new toy and Apple TV set up. Better, no?


I’ve also got some new shelf additions! My parents were cleaning out their house and brought me a few friends from my childhood:


Big Red needs some support to stand up

I actually made these fish at glass blowing camp when I was growing up in New Orleans. I’ll pause while you gasp in amazement at my artistic talent.

Yup, while you were all swimming and learning to canoe and toasting marshmallows, I spent the summers of my youth working in front of a hot kiln to form molten glass into beautiful fish.

I also picked up a plant to add a little brightness and life to the space. I have quite the opposite of a green thumb, so I found the most low-maintenance plant the store could offer. Once at a summer internship I was determined to have a plant on my desk, and the speed at which I killed those plants became a running joke. I even killed a cactus once. Wish this guy luck.

Next up on the apartment decor project: hanging some fun art to fill the white space around the TV. I’m thinking some Ikea frames and pretty paper will do the trick. Here’s the inspiration I’m working with:


Photo from Roseland Green

I was so sad to say goodbye to my parents this morning, but my stomach was not. All that rich food has me feeling a bit icky, so I’m hitting the reset button all over again with a cleanse starting tomorrow. Between Gwyneth’s It’s All Good and Dr. Junger’s Clean, I’m taking the next three weeks to really focus on health and eat a lot of kale. Wish me luck!


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