48 hours in Chicago

A couple weekends ago I hopped down to Chicago for a much needed weekend with friends.

Chicago is always a good ideaChicago is always a good idea, via Society 6

First things first, I went to Walgreens to stock up on products that are either unavailable or unbelievably overpriced in Canada. Priorities, obviously. After over two months here I’m really starting to learn the importance of maximizing shopping on my trips to the U.S.
Business taken care of, I met up with some friends to catch up and walk around Wicker Park, and then rounded up the troops for dinner at the Southern. It’s as close as I’ll get to proper Southern food for a while, so I tucked in to some mussels with a big slab of corn bread and cheesy grits on the side. I’m still a novice blogger, so apologies for the lack of food pics here. At least my friends reminded me to get a group photo.

just the girlsJust the girls

Jules and I attempted a twin photo but I failed.


Post dinner we crashed a birthday party downtown and caught up with a few more college friends before calling it a night.

Saturday morning included an amazing brunch with my lovely host and hostess at Birchwood Kitchen. Chicago people – go. Right now. The food is deliciously fresh and just all around well done.

After brunch it was off to my friend Nellie’s family’s home outside of town for a pool party. Sadly the weather didn’t cooperate, so we hung near the pool in sweatshirts.

I hung on to Finn for warmth…

finnNot an iphone picture for once – thanks to Brandon Roel

While the boys wrestled in the grass, as boys do.


Special shout out to Nellie’s dad who made me a birthday cake for a belated celebration – how amazing is that?

On Sunday I caught up with Angela over a nice light breakfast at Artopolis in Greektown (aka the place to go when Meli’s line is insane), and had just enough time to stop by a barbecue at Rob and Jules’s new house to say hi to a few friends before departing.

Sadly the weekend flew by and before I knew it I was back in Canada, enduring a little teasing from a customs officer for declaring my bounty of cosmetics and skin care products. I’d been feeling a bit isolated up here, so spending time with close friends was definitely necessary. Luckily my favorite airline Porter makes it so easy to hop down to Chicago or New York for a girls weekend (or medicine cabinet restock).


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