Decor Indecision – help!

I’ve been on the hunt for a console table to fill an awkward void in my entryway and serve as a jumping off point for a gallery wall. I’ve narrowed down my options to two tables, and simply cannot decide which size to go with! In a moment of lunacy/genius I decided to use painters tape to outline the dimensions of each table to see what felt better…and I’m still not sure! I even taped out the approximate dimensions of a lamp that I’d like to use on the table.

So, option A (big version):

Added a mirror outline for kicks
or option B (small version):

Obviously would be more centered in the space

Now I recognize that most of you have not actually seen the space so it’s hard to get an idea, but why not vote just for fun?


4 responses to “Decor Indecision – help!

  1. I’d typically say go with the smaller one. If your apartment visually needs more “filling in,” I’d go with the bigger one but make sure it’s not too deep (I agree with the previous comment).

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