While packing up to move to Toronto, I got rid of a ton of stuff. I sold what I could via Craigslist, and for a few weeks turned the front room of my parents’ house into a little boutique. What didn’t sell I tossed or donated. The only thing I was really adamant about saving was the art I’ve collected over the years. I’m generally not one to save things out of sentimental value, but having a few pieces with some personal significance do help make a house a home. This weekend I FINALLY got everything framed and hung and I’m really pleased with the result! The whole apartment feels much more pulled together. I still have some minor matting issues to work out since I went the Ikea route rather than custom framing, but at least I no longer feel trapped in a white box.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

First up, hanging in my hallway: a painting by Emily, my good friend and college roommate. I had to re-stretch the canvas here, and I’m happy to say I didn’t destroy it in the process! Emily majored in painting, so our apartment was always filled with her art – I bought one of my favorites off her when we were moving out.

Lily by Emily

Lily by Emily

In my bathroom, two Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed prints from Laura Laurent Salon on Etsy. If you’re looking for inexpensive art and don’t happen to have a best friend who majored in painting, Etsy is a great resource.

Breakfast at Tiffany's via Laura Laurent Salon

Breakfast at Tiffany’s via Laura Laurent Salon

Etsy is great for custom stuff too – my friend Nellie gifted me this awesome print that reflects all the places I’ve lived in the last year or so. And the quote? Perfection.

Not All Who Wander are Lost

One final Etsy find is above my kitchen sink. This Bonjour Louisiana print always makes me smile when I’m washing dishes. Hands Workshop does lots of cute state-themed prints, but they appear to be on vacation at the moment.



In the living room the entryway table + mini gallery wall had an instant impact.

Gallery Wall

Pictures are level, camera not so much.

Top left – Falling Blossoms – another Emily painting. This is a scaled down print as the original version of this one is massive and currently hanging in Nellie’s loft. I’m jealous.

Top right – postcard sized prints by Angelo Di Pietrantonio, a gift from my friend Priya.

Bottom right – I bought this bird print at the Louvre on my first trip to Paris when I was 13ish. Most of my recent apartments have had a subtle bird theme through accessories like a bird lamp, birdcage mirror, and bird coat hooks. The theme continues here in a much less subtle fashion now since I covered a wall in my kitchen with this awesome bright fabric:


Did you know Ikea had a fabric section? I didn’t! I stumbled into it while looking for picture frames yesterday and fell in love with this print. It also pulls in a lot of the colors I have throughout the apartment, so I had to take it home. I’d seen fabric wall coverings on Apartment Therapy and the installation was fairly simple. Once I measured and cut the fabric to size I ironed the whole thing, taking care to iron down creases where I wanted to tuck the edges under. I worked from the top left to the bottom right (aka least visible) corner with a staple gun, pulling the fabric tight the whole way. It took some trial and error (I tried not to think about all the work it’ll take to fix this wall when I eventually move), but I’m quite happy with the result.

Above the couch is a cool faux-vintage door panel that reminds me of New Orleans. I’d love to say I picked it up at the Sunday antique market, but it’s from Urban Outfitters. We can pretend though, right?

faux vintage

I have two more small framing projects in the works that should get wrapped up soon, at which point I’ll have to come up with a new apartment project. Between this and half marathon training it’s been a busy weekend, but lest you think I’m spending all my time in with my staple gun I did manage to squeeze in some social time with a hilariously terrible date on Friday and hanging out with a new friend on Saturday. I promise a more social update soon!


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