Cozy Weekend

We’ve had some fairly wacky weather here lately, which made for the perfect excuse for a nice cozy weekend. I kicked off Friday afternoon with my friend Minh at the Red Tea Box on Queen West. I must have walked by this place on a weekly basis all summer without ever taking notice – what a mistake that was! Tucked behind a cute little tea shop is a gorgeous cafe with an outdoor deck, and behind that is a coach house filled with adorable little tables and sofas. This place is just begging to host a bridal shower. Luckily we caught a nice afternoon and got to sit outside to enjoy tea and a bento box filled with yummy goodies – the salmon sliders and little lime tarts were perfection.


I already can’t wait to go back! I noticed some gorgeous tea cakes in the shop on our way out that were calling my name, and there’s still a full menu to sample.

Saturday was gross and rainy, but I made the most of it. I met up with my running group for a soggy 5k. I do like running in the rain, you feel way more hardcore than on a dry run and once you’ve been out for a few minutes you sort of stop caring…unless you step in a puddle. Yuck.

Running was followed by coffee at Dineen on Yonge, our usual stop post-run. The baristas don’t seem to mind us sweating all over their cafe and they make a mean almond milk latte. After a hot shower I pulled on my rain boots set out on errands. First it was off to the market to stock up on veg for the week, and I treated myself to some flowers to cure the rainy day blues.

That afternoon I splashed back out to Queen West to visit a yarn shop that’s been closed every time I’ve walked by. A couple weeks ago I had a sudden urge to crochet a scarf. My great aunt taught me to crochet when I was a kid, and while I’ve attempted the occasional scarf since most projects are left half-finished in the bottom of my winter gear bin. After poking around on Pinterest for inspiration and doing a few practice rows, I whipped up a snuggly little circle scarf.

I’m pretty proud of the thing, and it only took a few episodes of Game of Thrones to finish, with lots of trial and error. Now that I’m feeling more confident about my ability to finish a project I might do another – there was so much gorgeous soft yarn at the shop that a return trip seems necessary.
For those of you into the DIY scarf thing. I didn’t use one specific pattern, I just played with chain lengths until I was happy with how it fit over my head and then varied the stitch width fairly randomly until it was big enough/I ran out of yarn. I used a weight 9 yarn with a 9mm hook, chained 60 keeping it pretty loose, and then did a bunch of rows of singles, doubles, and half doubles – nothing crazy but enough to vary the texture a little. I joined each row with a slip stitch and kept going around, rather than turning. If that was gibberish to you, sorry!

Saturday night my friend Rita had a little housewarming party, which ended up being not so little. Luckily I was able to spend most of Sunday snuggled under a blanket on the sofa, resting up for another hectic week.


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