5 Things

My college roommates and I have a group email we use to constantly share life updates. When life is too busy to type out full stories via email, we try to stay in touch by sending 5 quick things about recent events/thoughts/life/whatever. I’m in Las Vegas for a conference this week that is keeping me quite busy, so I thought I’d steal that format for this week’s blog post:

1) My last long training run went really well! I conquered 11 miles with a faster pace than last week’s 10 miler, so I’m feeling pretty good about the half. My goal is to take a minute/mile off of my last half marathon finishing time, which should be doable assuming I can stick to my training plan while traveling right up until the half. I ran along the same beach path as last week, but I didn’t realize where the boardwalk stopped so I ended up running in sand for a bit, then in circles around the adjacent neighborhood (totally intentional, not at all lost…right) to round out the distance.

2) I’m SO excited to meet up with my friends Stephanie and Maggie in New York next weekend! I’m taking advantage of the long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving of course) to stay through Monday and get in lots of friend time. Living in a city without my close girlfriends is definitely tough, but luckily most are a quick flight away.

3) Minor apartment progress: I hung the rest of my frames, and while 2 are empty waiting on my next project I did manage to have one of my favorite poems printed and framed. I think it’s worth a post on it’s own, so more on that when I have photos to share.

4) I’ve been maxing out my new slow cooker since fall weather set in and have two new favorites:

Crock Pot Creamy Tomato Soup from Skinnytaste is DELISH – I didn’t have any cheese on hand so I subbed nutritional yeast on the fly (What non-vegan has nutritional yeast but no cheese? Who am I?), and skipped the roux, and instead of milk I used a combo of almond milk and Greek yogurt for the creamy factor. This one is definitely going on the regular rotation.

Overnight, Slow Cooker, Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oatmeal from the Yummy Life – I mean, how could that not be good? I think I actually skipped the snooze button for once because my apartment smelled fantastic and I couldn’t wait to try it.

5) Ever since I saw this video recently this song has been on repeat. How amazing is the music video? Early 90s-style dancercizing and a girly getting ready montage? Sold. I’m totally the type of person to hear a new song, become obsessed and listen to it constantly, and then get sick of it and never listen to it again. Betty Who is still going strong though!

Have a great week!


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