I <3 NY

I love New York. Even more so, I love my friends who live in New York. I took advantage of the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend to spend a few days visiting friends and enjoying one of my favorite cities. When Stephanie asked me what I wanted to do while in town, I just had 3 requests: great coffee, a walk on the High Line, and a run in Central Park. Easy enough!

I made it to Stephanie and Aman’s (gorgeous!!!) apartment mid day Saturday. After fortifying ourselves with bagels, Stephanie, Aman, Maggie and I set off to explore. First stop: checking out the latest Banksy graffiti art installation.

Banksy, and people looking at Banksy

From there, the girls boarded the ferry to Williamsburg for a food fest.

Catching up on the ferry

Caffeinating at Blue Bottle – the New Orleans blend is perfection

Lines at Smorgasburg

I was so excited by my buttermilk fried chicken and cheddar waffle that I completely forgot to photograph the food. It was, of course, delicious. We ended lunch on a sweet note, sharing some tasty donuts before bidding Brooklyn adieu and heading for the High Line. If you’ve never been, the High Line is well worth a visit. It’s a public park set on elevated train tracks, winding along the west side. It always seems to be packed, but with a little luck you can find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy.

Having surely walked off all that fried chicken and donuts, we set out through the West Village to find an infamous waffle truck.

Window Shopping & Waffle Hunting

Sadly the truck was not in its advertised position, and we went back to Stephanie’s waffleless to rest up and get ready for dinner. The rest of the evening passed in a haze of champagne, wine, really delicious pasta, and lots of laughs. After dinner, we found the waffle truck! Happiness is a waffle covered in cookie butter.

Sunday morning, Aman cooked up a delicious frittata and we lazed around with big mugs of tea. Curious about a new brand of savory yogurt, we ventured over to Whole Foods and set ourselves up for a taste test. Considering that Maggie recently worked for a yogurt brand and I’m a focus group moderator, the whole thing was very scientific.


Conclusion: tomato yogurt is gross but has potential as a veggie dip. Butternut squash and beet are delicious, while carrot is basically baby food.

Our experiment ended, Maggie had to head to the airport, and Stephanie and I set off to Central Park to get in a good run. We really lucked out with the weather all weekend – cool, sunny, and perfect for a run. Central Park is hillier than I realized, but having Stef there made the inclines bearable.

Sweaty Selfie

When we finished I felt like I could do it all again, which bodes well for next weekend!

Sunday evening was low key, with a movie at the Angelika, and drinks and the Meatball Shop with Hillary. The food was well worth the (excessive) wait, but we all inhaled it too quickly and gave ourselves tummy aches. With a name like the Meatball Shop I was expecting big greasy subs, and while that’s an option I was pleasantly surprised to find really delicious veggies and meatball salads on the menu. Chicken pesto meatballs and assorted veggies on greens? Yes and yes.

Monday morning Stephanie and Aman had to work, so I took myself to MOMA to play in the sculpture garden (free from 9-10:30am) and take a quick tour of a few exhibits before hopping the train to the airport.


The modern American collection (Hopper to O’Keeffe) was my favorite, and this painting was a highlight of the day – the brightness and warmth really stood out.


All in all, a truly great weekend. The highlight for me was just walking around the city with old friends, conversation slipping easily from fate versus chaos to fashion to relationships and back again, best summed up in this quote:

“I’ve watched a bunch of the top happiness Ted Talks and they all really make you think about…shoes.”
– Maggie


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