Happy Halloween!

I love any excuse to wear a costume. Costumes are a big part of life in New Orleans, with Mardi Gras and all. This year I was lucky enough to live in New Orleans during Carnival season, and going through the family costume trunks (yes, plural) was just absurdly fun. Life can always use more masquerade parties.

Halloween runs a close second to Carnival  in terms of dressing up, but it’s become more of a challenge as an adult. With my trick-or-treating days long behind me, the popular option is to follow the Mean Girls philosophy (lingerie + animal ears = costume), but that’s not really my style. That said, I’m also not a big blood & gore fan, so movie characters tend to be my go-to. This year’s choice was Gatsby inspired. I picked up a flapper dress at a vintage costume shop, put on a ton of jewelry and makeup, and hit YouTube for tutorials on how to turn long hair into a short bob without scissors.

Definitely scarier in the before photos!

Definitely scarier in the before photos!

I had a couple people ask me how I did it, so here’s the gist:

Step 1: Get some texture to work with. I’d just washed my hair so I added some salt spray to make it more workable.

Step 2: Divide hair into sections. Per the tutorial, I braided the bottom section and pinned it along my scalp so I’d have a base to stick the next thousand or so bobby bins into.

Step 3: Curl, pin, let cool while applying makeup.

Step 4: Shake out curls, clip face framing waves into place.

Step 5: Roll hair under to bob-length and pin the underside of the rolls to the braid. Play with it so it looks semi-natural and somewhat even in length. This took a little while to get right.

Step 6: Spray the crap out of it. Add a sparkly headband (bonus: helps hold your waves in place) and throw some extra bobby pins in your purse.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Layer on the makeup and bling for max effect.

I had a great time at my friend’s party and dancing the night away! I decided to call it a night after a really disheartening run of conversations with dudes at the bar who had never heard of The Great Gatsby (book or movie), or flappers, or maybe even the 1920s. Sigh.

The evening redeemed itself when a neighbor complemented my Daisy outfit in the elevator, no explanation required. Anyway, the night ended like all big nights out should: tons of makeup remover and a giant pile of bobby pins on my coffee table.

There were more. So many more.

There were more. So many more.


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