NOLA Bound

I woke up this weekend to an awful view of snow and ice on the ground. Ick.
Icy view
A quick check of the weather revealed the worst: sub-freezing temps and no reprieve in sight. I often torture myself by comparing Toronto weather to New Orleans, but this time I had good reason – I’m heading home for a week!
Photo Nov 24, 10 44 10 AM (1)
Ok, cool and drizzly isn’t ideal, but better than 10!
I jumped out of bed, dramatically threw the contents of my closet into a pile* and packed for a week at home.
Photo Nov 24, 7 48 13 AM (3)
*An organized pile. Come on.

I can pack for a work trip in 10 minutes or less. My trips are usually only a couple days long, and I have a few go-to professional outfits so I just grab whatever is back from the drycleaner and toss it in my overnight bag. My clients probably think I only own two outfits, but it’s easy. I also keep my toiletry case packed, so I can just grab and go. Investing in duplicates is totally worth it to avoid late night realizations that I’ve forgotten moisturizer and get stuck with the hotel stuff.

Personal travel, on the other hand, has way more variables and requires a bit more advance planning. I don’t have much of an itinerary for this week, but I can predict I’ll need some clothes for dinners out, running around town, working out, and something stretchy for lazing around in a turkey coma. My strategy is to try to stick to a color scheme so I can mix and match. Laying everything out on my bed helps me see it all together and I can make sure to grab all the coordinating underpinnings, shoes and accessories.

Once I have the pile organized, it’s time to roll it up. I’d always heard that rolling is the way to go when trying to fit a lot into a small amount of space, but never really heeded the instruction. How much of a difference can it make? Turns out, a lot.
All rolled up
I had an annoying connection and knew I’d be flying on small planes, so I decided to check my bag to make my life easier. Bonus: room for an extra outfit or two. Gotta have options right?

My carry on is my new Lo and Son’s OG (overnight/gym) bag. It’s completely brilliant and has already improved my quality of life on the road. It has pockets for everything, even a separate compartment for a change of shoes so they don’t get the rest of your stuff dirty. Seriously though, there’s a dedicated pocket for laptops, tablets, chargers, passports, pens, phones, and even a little hook for your keys so no more fishing for keys in the bottom of your purse. If you travel regularly I can’t recommend it enough. I’d also recommend following the brand on Facebook since they post promotions regularly – I snagged a great discount.
Photo Nov 24, 8 38 23 AM
Just the essentials.

Funny story: they only deliver to the U.S., so I had mine sent to Stephanie in New York so I could pick it up there. Stephanie forgot that I was having the bag shipped to her, so she spent a week trying to figure out who sent her this bag. Sorry Steph!

All packed, I said goodbye to the snow and flew south.
Photo Nov 24, 11 58 49 AM
I entertained myself during my layover making friends with this guy – I wanted to steal him!
Photo Nov 24, 2 52 40 PM
I’ve got a relaxing week ahead and looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. Save travels and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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