My Stitch Fix Review

One thing I miss most about living in the US is online shopping. Free delivery and returns are not really a thing here, tons of companies don’t even ship to Canada, and after being slapped with a few bills for international duties from UPS I’ve pretty much given up my online shopping habit. As my trip home for Thanksgiving approached, I started sending a few things to my parents’ house to take advantage of an extended trip to the US. One thing I was really excited to get was my first Stitch Fix!

If you aren’t familiar, Stitch Fix is essentially an online personal styling/shopping service. After filling out a questionnaire about your personal style, sizes, and needs (you can even link to a Pinterest board), a stylist will pull 5 items and send them to you to try on at home. Keep what you like, return what you don’t. There’s just a $20 fee for the service, and that credit is applied to any items you choose to keep.

Here’s what was in my first fix:

First up: a styling guide for each item in the box, with a few tips to style each piece. Helpful!

The first two items I tried on were lackluster. A draped cardigan with an oversized houndstooth print sort of overwhelmed me and I didn’t like the overall proportions. I liked the pattern on the tie neck blouse, but honestly the material felt kind of icky and the shirt was SO staticky. On to the next.

A navy polka dot shirt dress is a near duplicate of a dress I already own, and mine fits better than this version. Luckily, my last try on was the best. The black shirt is also too similar to one already in my closet, so that went back, but I loved the jeans! They’re super soft and fit really well, which is surprising because jeans are such a pain to shop for. They have a lot of stretch so I’m sure that helps.

All in all it was an ok experience, and it was fun seeing what a stylist would pick out for me. I was hoping for something a little different that what I usually wear, not duplicates of my current wardrobe. The jeans area great, but who doesn’t always need more jeans? Aside from that though I’ll go back to my usual J. Crew browsing. If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s a referral link.


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