Christmas Cheer

I’ve officially kicked the grinch. If you’re still not feeling the holiday spirit, here’s a surefire fix:

Step 1: Walk through a Christmas tree lot.
The market next door set up their tree lot, so on my walk home from work I get my pine-scented fix. Instant cheer! If you don’t have a tree lot handy, pick up one of these candles for a similar effect.

Step 2: Focus on the giving.
Whether you’re a planner, Black Friday maven, or procrastinator, hopefully you at least have an inkling of what to get your loved ones. I love the hunt for the perfect present, and I wrapped up my shopping today. My college roommates and I have continued our Secret Santa tradition every year since graduation, and this year is special since we’ll all be together for our own Christmas morning next weekend! Can’t wait to recreate this photo!
Step 3: Do some good for someone you don’t know.
I organized my office’s charity raffle & toy drive, and getting to drop off the goods to the warehouse and see mountains of gifts waiting to make a kid’s Christmas a little more merry absolutely made my day.

Step 4: Watch Love Actually
Obviously. I can’t believe Love Actually is 10 years old! I’ve seen a bunch of articles this year either criticizing or defending the movie. I’m siding with the defense. The Holiday is also on heavy rotation this time of year for a little extra boost of adorableness & Mr. Napkinhead.

Step 5: Listen to the best Christmas song of all time on repeat.


One response to “Christmas Cheer

  1. Love everything about this post! 🙂 Particularly Step 2 – can’t wait for this weekend! And yes, that N Sync song is definitely bound to kick the grinch.

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