Here’s to 2014

While I’m not really one to make (much less keep) New Year’s resolutions, I do think the turn of a year is a good reminder to reflect on where I am and where I think I’m going. 2013 brought in some BIG changes. I started the year living in New Orleans at my parents’ house nursing a broken heart and revising my 2-5-10 year plans after a break up called for some significant course correction.
I ended up just throwing out the plans, because if I’ve learned anything in the last year-ish it’s that things rarely go according to plan. Instead, I refocused on some mini goals and benchmarks I’d like to hit. Rather than the typical New Year musings around working out more or eating better or saving more money, I thought about taking some calculated risks that would elevate my career and give my personal life a much needed shake up.

I put myself out there and met some fantastic new people. I doubled down efforts at work and made great career progress. Both of these were facilitated by moving to Toronto. The move put me in the same office with my team at work, and as much as I advocate for flexible working arrangements (who knows where I’d be now were my company not so amazingly flexible), being in the same office full time does make a big difference. While it hinders the heads-down productivity time, the gains from face time more than make up for it. The social piece was partially just an effect of moving to a city where I knew no one outside of work, but as I’m sure you all know making friends as an adult is HARD. Without my core group of friends nearby, I had to put out some serious effort to find some new people to attach to. Joining groups and being open to random coffee meet ups was and is a crucial part of that strategy. My mini goals for 2014 aren’t all that different than 2013, but I’m emphasizing not becoming complacent now that I feel somewhat established in Toronto. That, and working on photography skills for blogging’s sake.

Huge life changing stuff aside, this year was also a ton of fun.

Celebrating twelfth night en masque

Celebrating twelfth night en masque

The girls at Juliana's bachelorette weekend

The girls at Juliana’s bachelorette weekend

College friends at Jules and Rob's wedding

College friends at Jules and Rob’s wedding

Stephanie and Aman's Sangeet

Stephanie and Aman’s Sangeet

Stephanie and Aman's wedding (part I)

Stephanie and Aman’s wedding (part I)

Decorating my new apartment with lots of DIY projects

Decorating my new apartment with lots of DIY projects



Here’s to another great year!


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