Countdown to Spring

Just 66 days ya’ll! I for one cannot wait to kiss icy sidewalks goodbye and welcome a little more daylight with open arms. Toronto was positively balmy this weekend at 40 degrees, and I actually ran outside without my face going numb.
I wasn’t the only one excited for a brief thaw – the ducks were playing in the semi-frozen harbor, sliding of the ice and splashing around in the water.

I am not a fan of winter, especially after Christmas when the snow loses its charm. Luckily, I’ve got a bachelorette in Miami, a girls’ vineyard weekend, and a wine country half marathon to look forward to. Daydreaming about sunshine and sundresses makes coping with the slush slightly easier. I’m hoping trading my go-to winter nail polish shades of grey and red for bright pink and blue will help Spring along – and just trying to remember sunburns and saltwater instead of pink noses and frozen toes.

Stay warm!


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