5 Things/Radar Pings

This week was both exhausting and exhilarating all at once. I was in DC for work meetings and training sessions and came back slightly sleep deprived but full of ideas and a deep appreciation for the incredibly smart people I get to work with. That said, it’s definitely a week for another 5 Things post:

1) The Outlander Starz trailer is out, and I’m OBSESSED. I probably watched this 5 times in a row.

In a nutshell, Outlander is the story of Claire (admittedly one reason I enjoy the books), a World War 2 nurse who visits Scotland with her husband and accidentally time travels by about 200 years where she meets a Highlander named Jamie and well…it’s a hard sell when it sounds like a time travel/romance novel. I was skeptical when my mom insisted that I read the books but I was quickly hooked on the action, adventure, drama and history. If you’re looking for a new book, there’s time to finish Outlander before the show premieres. I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to watch the story come to life on TV. This is a great distraction while waiting for Diana Gabaldon to finish writing the 8th book in the series.

2) Winter weather has me inside re-reading Outlander for hours on end – problem is, I can’t stand dry air and my little humidifier overheats if I run it all day.  I was making a big pot of soup last weekend and enjoying the steam, so I thought I’d just boil a huge pot of water on the stove to help add moisture to the air. I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about putting lemons and herbs in water to make your apartment smell good, so I threw in a sliced lemon, some dry rosemary, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract. I don’t think it made a huge difference in air quality but it smelled amazing! Definitely something I’ll be repeating on weekends all winter.

3) While in DC, I enjoyed some slightly warmer temps and went for a quick run outside along the Rock Creek trail – gorgeous! I saw a little red fox on the other side of the river but he ran into his house before I could snap a pic, so you’ll have to settle for this picturesque bridge. I love running in a new place – I need to find some new routes in Toronto to change things up.

Rock Creek Bridge

4) I just discovered Waterlogue, an app that turns your photos into watercolors and I’m already addicted. It’s amazing and fun to watch the photo transform. There are a bunch of style options, like Instagram filters for your watercolors. Here are a few favorites:

Tea for Two

Rock Creek Bridge 2

Painted in Waterlogue

5) I haven’t been to the Toronto Zoo yet, but I’m going to have to make a trip soon to see Remy the new baby polar bear! Look that the lil guy’s first day in the snow!

I’m planning to spend the weekend finishing up an apartment project and live-streaming the Superbowl. Go Broncos, I guess?


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