Quick and Easy Storage

I love a long weekend. Family Day weekend (aren’t Canadian holidays cute?) was perfect to get some things done around the house and binge watch the new season of House of Cards.

I kicked off the weekend with my usual coffee run and stroll through the St. Lawrence Market. I decided a long weekend required something special and a little indulgent, so I bellied up to my favorite butcher and grabbed a hunk of pork shoulder to throw in the slow cooker. Operating without a recipe, I pulled a bunch of stuff out of my pantry that would contribute to a smoky/sweet/spicy flavor. I had some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in the freezer so threw some of those in, along with some tomato paste I wanted to get rid of. I had a little extra brown sugar from baking the best chocolate chip cookies ever for the office so tossed that in, along with some applesauce leftover from an ill-fated healthy baking experiment. On top of that went paprika, cumin, a dash of cayenne, a few cloves of garlic, and some oregano because why not? I left it alone on low for about 7 hours, shredded it and mixed it up with the sauce, and let it soak in for about half an hour before tearing in. It would make awesome tacos or sandwiches but I just topped it with some avocado – yum!

With a full stomach and high ambition, I grabbed a Zipcar and headed to Target to tackle the next project on my apartment list. My closet situation had become something of a safety hazard and I needed more space to store shoes and accessories. Inspired by many a Pinterest image (naturally), I picked up some cheapo white shelving, a blue ombre curtain panel, and about 10 other things I probably didn’t need because it’s Target and that’s what happens. Back at home, I popped the shelving together and instead of attaching the cardboard backing I used my trusty staple gun to attach the curtain panel to the back to add some color. It matches my slightly insane bright pinky red & teal color scheme perfectly and serves as a great backdrop for my boots, heels, and small bags.

Shoe Shelves

I recycled an old letter sorter to organize my clutches, added some boxes that are too cute to toss, and voila, a totally Pinnable project. Bonus: picking out a pair of shoes in the morning does not cause a closet avalanche. The whole thing was about $70 (and Target is more expensive in Canada so I’d imagine you could pull it off in the US for $50) and was done in under an hour.

boxes and bags



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