I’m just not that into hockey.

I tried guys, I really did. I barely watched any of the Olympics this year, but I did attempt to get into hockey since I live in Canada and all. Everywhere I looked for the last few weeks, everything was all about hockey. The atmosphere was so infections that I even almost bought some of these adorable Canada mittens from Hudson’s Bay.


I’d put hockey games on while running on the treadmill, but aside from an odd rhythmic synchronization with Rhianna I didn’t find it particularly engaging. I attempted to pay attention to hockey chatter at work, but it just didn’t stick. Even when the US and Canadian men’s teams faced off on Friday and my team had the game on in the conference room, all I could muster was a half-assed USA! USA! cheer, and that’s just because I like to be the token obnoxious American.

On Sunday morning when the local bars opened at 7am for the gold medal game, I thought maybe I’d wake up early and meet up with people at the bar around the corner and cheer on my adopted country in the biggest game I’d see in years.

I slept through it.


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