I Made a Movie and Other Updates

Ok, so I didn’t really make a movie, but I backed the Veronica Mars movie on Kickstarter last year and it hit theaters this weekend! I backed the movie 1) because I loved the show and 2) because I loved the idea of being able to make a small contribution and see a movie that I’d actually watch come to life. I think I contributed about $30 and in return I got a personalized copy of the script, digital copy of the movie, t-shirt (of course), and got to see a great show take a well deserved victory lap. My friend Priya and her family got me into it when they were mid-Netflix binge a couple years ago and I was instantly hooked. It’s funny, kinda dark, highly entertaining and makes you want to take up a life of fighting crime.

vmars poster

Getting to watch a new release at home was pretty cool too. The movie picks up about 10 years after the show ended and brings all the main characters back together. It felt like watching one longish episode of the show and aside from a couple gaping plot holes I was pretty pleased with the story. So, check it out!

Earlier in the week I got to go to New York for work, which is always a treat since some of my best friends live there. Business travel is way more fun when I can meet up with friends for dinner after a day of meetings. New York also one-upped Toronto on the weather front and I squeezed in a run on the East River, followed by a breakfast of liquefied kale and a walk around the neighborhood. I used to say New York is a city I love to visit but I could never live there…but maybe that’s not entirely true.

kale and shoes

This week wrapped up with another run – the Steam Whistle St. Patrick’s Day 5K. I signed up for this race a while back planning to run it with a friend, but he got the flu so I was on my own. When I checked the weather and saw single digits (Fahrenheit) I was tempted to pull up the comforter and stay in, but some quick motivational texts with my parents got me out and running…with many many layers on. Tank top + long sleeved shirt + jacket + another shirt and feeling slightly like the Michelin Man I headed to the brewery and cowered inside with the rest of the idiots who showed up for the race until just before the start. The horribly frigid wind spurred me forward and through a personal best 5K time, so I’m glad I did it!

steamwhistle 5k

Off to Florida tomorrow for a proper thaw!


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