Out of Hibernation

Hibernating bear

The worst. winter. ever. is finally receding (right? right.), the snow is melting, it’s still sunny after work, and I’m coming out of hibernation. Invariable travel delays, morning after morning on the treadmill instead of running outside, and bundling up for the trek to the office had me in a funk. My weekend agenda was set in stone: quick trip to the market and settling in with my bff Netflix (re-re-watch seasons 1-3 of the West Wing? Don’t mind if I do!) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little routine, but after months of the same old thing I’m pretty excited to pack away the sweaters and get outside.

The cusp of spring is always exciting. Growing up it meant a nice long break from school and stress somehow started to vanish in spite of looming finals. Even now, the anticipation of warm weather cheers me up. This time of year also inexplicably puts me in the mood to listen to country music…I have no idea why but I suspect this song is to blame.

Toronto is the kind of city that comes alive in the summer and I plan to take full advantage this year, now that I’m settled in. From all the great neighborhood festivals to getting back to park yoga to enjoying the beaches out on the island, I’m psyched.

Of course I have my fair share of travel planned as well: the vineyard half marathon, a weekend at Carlie’s lake house, Angela and Colin’s wedding in Indy (& meeting Emily and James’s baby!), a girls weekend in the Niagara wine country, Cape Cod for Dad’s (insert milestone that he would prefer I not share) birthday, and likely a random mid-week solo jaunt to some cute city in the South – Charleston or Savannah perhaps? Recommendations in any of these cities are always appreciated!

This Thursday I’m flying down to Miami to celebrate Angela’s bachelorette weekend and cannot wait for some warm weather, catching up with friends and working on my tan sunburn.



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