Puttering and Musing

Lately I’ve been binge watching Felicity. I’d honestly forgotten how great this show is! Also hilarious: phrases like “sorry I didn’t make it, something came up and I had no way to get in touch with you” and “it’s data entry in Excel, so it’s pretty complicated” are fun reminders of a simpler time. The entire series is on Hulu, so it’s been playing in the background while I putter around the apartment on weekends.

This weekend’s puttering was all about summery eats. I threw a ton of veggies and some nice chicken on the grill pan, poured a glass of rose and prepped food for the week: a grilled veggie pasta salad with chicken, and Chipotle-style burrito bowls with cilantro-lime quinoa. Yum!

GrillingAnyway, back to Felicity. I also watched the season finale of Scandal this weekend, and after another glass of rose I came to the realization that Noel Crane and Jake Ballard are actually the same person, and not just because they’re both played by Scott Foley. Stick with me here – Jake is just a toned up, grown up version of Noel. Sure, he’s gone from graphic designer to secret government hit man, but I think Felicity leaving him at the airport to go on that road trip with Ben was the beginning of a series of heartbreaks that led him to leave it all behind and join up with B613. And where is he now? Waiting for Olivia to leave Fitz behind for good (Fitz is such a Ben, right?) and meet him at the airport. Come on Noel/Jake! Stop waiting around for ladies who cannot make up their damn minds, and for God’s sake stop settling for women who are in love with other men!

Noel is Jake

That right there is a face hardened by heartbreak.



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