Un. Wind.

The conference in Vegas was an absolute whirlwind. I spent Monday morning in a state of panic when Murphy’s Law was full effect and I missed my flight! I called my corporate travel agent to re-book onto another flight an hour after mine, but it took longer than I thought to switch terminals so I missed that one too! A few sprints through the airport and a connection through Houston later and I made it to Vegas in time for dinner…followed shortly by my luggage. Oof, not a good way to start the week.

I met my team at Rao’s at Caesar’s Palace for dinner – I never thought I’d rave about a meatball, but if you have a chance you should absolutely go for some really amazing meatballs.

Meetings started Tuesday morning and ran through Thursday afternoon. My presentation was the last one on the last day, so I spent most of my time becoming increasingly more nervous, and skipping out on social events to prep as much as possible. Finally, Thursday rolled around. I felt like I was going to throw up, but managed to pull it off and got some great feedback! Feeling relieved and ready to celebrate, I said farewell to some clients and then insisted that the team go for burgers and boozy milkshakes at Holstein’s in our hotel.

burger and shake.jpg

I went all out with a Bailey’s and Oreo milkshake and the Memphis burger, which is topped with pulled pork and coleslaw. Sweet potato fries on the side of course. Way too full, I rolled back to my room to luxuriate in a food coma. I was still buzzing a bit from the presentation adrenaline so decided to take a bubble bath in my room. I tossed in half a bottle of shower gel and walked away….and returned to a mountain of bubbles!


They were taller than me in the tub!

hiding in bubbles.jpg

After a big ol nap, I met back up with the team at STK for a celebratory bite before an evening out – we just ordered a ton of apps and shared everything, which is my favorite way to experience a great restaurant. We belatedly realized that 90% of what we ordered was raw – great news for sushi/oyster/carpaccio/tartare lovers like me!

I took an extra day before flying back and spent most of it hanging out at Liquid, which is hands down the best people watching experience in Vegas.  After marinating in the sun all afternoon I ran off to grab a drink with my friend Katie who just happened to be in town at the same time – lucky me! Sadly I had to rush off quickly because all of a sudden it was time for BRITNEY!

I jumped at the chance to see Britney Spears live, and her show did not disappoint. All the big hits, great sets, amazing dancers, sparkly costumes – she did it all except sing, and her dancing was pretty minimal, but the production was just amazing. I managed a couple not-too-blurry photos for you:



Sunday was all about a 9 mile run and catching up on life, but I did make it over to SweetGrass for a massage – new favorite spa in town that one.




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