Connecting with the Great Mother

Every once in a long while I feel the need to see some nature, beyond the landscaping outside my office building and foliage along my running path. This weekend the cherry blossoms were supposedly blooming over in High Park, so I decided to make the trip. I headed out early to try to beat the worst of the crowds, coffee and camera in hand. By the time I got to the trees the crowds had already descended, along with the flower petals. It was a chilly grey day and the trees were past their prime, but it didn’t stop every citizen of Toronto who owns a DLSR from finding a branch to photograph up close.
I tried to hold my own between my lil Nikon point and shoot and my iPhone, then sheepishly tucked my gear away and enjoyed some people watching. The absolute best part was seeing all the kiddos dressed up for some family photo shoots. I’m a total sucker for well dressed children (see: obsession with HONY’s microfashion seriesministylehacker, and My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter). I didn’t take photos of other people’s kids because I’m not a total creep, sorry.

At that point, a couple of barefoot women asked me to take off my shoes and join them because it “feels amazing connecting with the great mother!” Annnd that’s quite enough nature for this year, thank you. I hiked out of the park (literally, after taking a wrong turn) and jumped into the comfort of a steel tube rocketing through the city underground. Conveniently, I had to transfer trains in Yorkville, home of the best shopping in Toronto. My new Jawbone Up band told me the responsible thing would be to stretch my legs a bit more and walk around…right into Kate Spade.

Oh hello bow pillow! 

I escaped with some cool Keds x Kate Spade sneaks (and some jeans that Anthropologie was basically giving away), and saw that the sun finally came out. Unwilling to miss a second of sunshine, I grabbed another coffee and walked the rest of the way home. Monday is Victoria Day so I’m pretty psyched for a long weekend. I think I’ll finally start an herb garden on my balcony, get in one last long run before the upcoming half marathon, and then…luxurious, indulgent nothing.


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