The Yuppiest Street in the World


You guys I live on the yuppiest street in the world and I LOVE IT. When I moved in almost a year ago (!!!) the block across from the St. Lawrence Market was under construction, all dust and empty storefronts. Gradually, stores and restaurants (with patios!) have emerged. First up was Olive & Olives, where you go if you want to spend more than $20 on a bottle of olive oil, or if you’re like me and enjoy perusing high end olive oils and snacking on free olives without buying anything. Next was Binda, a decent Indian restaurant where it’s shockingly easy to spend $30 on takeout for one (whoops!). Those two held down the block for a while, until a recent flurry of activity saw every storefront filled.

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters opened their newest outpost, which nicely saves me the extra half-block walk to Starbucks. So far I’ve just sampled the coffee but rows of cookies and pastries under glass domes look pretty tempting, as does the outdoor seating now that it’s finally warm outside.


Image from Balzac’s Facebook page

Market Street Catch is two doors down. The owners of Buster’s Sea Cove, one of the most popular stands in the market across the street, opened a nice sit down spot a couple weeks ago. I haven’t had a chance to eat there yet, but if the food is on par with Buster’s I’m sure I’ll become a regular quickly.

Also on the list to visit as soon as their doors open: Pastizza, a modern, trendy-looking Italian spot anchoring the South corner, and Barsa, a tapas place holding down the North end. Basically whichever Americanized (because Canadianized just doesn’t sound right) version of international cuisine your little heart desires is available, one block from my apartment, with outdoor seating. Can’t beat that, right?

Or can you?

The scales really tipped from “pretty yuppie” to “maximum yuppie” this week when signage went up for Evolution Foods, an organic pressed juice & greek yogurt bar – I can’t wait until it opens! I bet it will be so much better than either of the pressed juice places in the market across the street!


Can we talk about how great this couple is, all coordinated in yellow?



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