Angela and Colin’s Wedding

After the half, after the lake, and after Stephanie’s visit, it was time to fly to Indianapolis to see Angela and Colin get married. Getting to see so many friends across the span of a week was amazing, and capping it all off by getting all dressed up to celebrate with friends was just perfect.

I was especially looking forward to this wedding since I introduced those two in the first place! Angela was spending a summer in Chicago for her business school internship, and I knew I had to introduce them. I was just hoping for a summer fling, but before I knew it they were getting serious and committing to long distance. For the record, I’m 2 for 2 in setups leading to marriages. Who’s next? Any takers?

Emily (one half of my other successful setup) and her baby Henry picked me up at the airport. I’d been dying to meet Henry, but the reality that Emily and James are parents didn’t settle in until I saw the little guy strapped into his car seat when she pulled up. I’m really not a baby person but I fell in love with this one right away. I guess I haven’t spent much time around babies so a few hours with Emily, James and Henry taught me lots about baby eating and sleeping habits. Quite involved, those little ones.

Emily, Henry and I went right to her dad’s house to cook for the following day’s bridesmaids luncheon. Henry mostly watched. All the cooking gave us a chance to catch up, and I love any chance to get into a real kitchen. Emily was of course super organized so we whipped through it in no time and met up with James for a nice dinner out before calling it a night.

Most of the girls wouldn’t arrive until Friday afternoon, so I took the morning to go for a run around Indy. I’ve been a few times for various wedding-related events, but as usual the chance to explore on foot is always a favorite. The Westin kindly provided a running map so I set out for a 3 miler along the Cultural Trail, past some museums and the zoo, along the river and through the downtown IU campus. What a gorgeous morning!
Priya arrived as soon as I got back and I insisted we go for a quick bite. Emily told me about a great little cafe near the hotel, Patachou, and raved about the cinnamon toast so I had to check it out myself and it it did not disappoint. By the time we finished Nellie had made it into town and scooped us up to head to the luncheon when we would finally get to see the bride.

The luncheon was so much fun, catching up with the girls and Angela’s family, and chattering away about all the final wedding details. Everyone raved over the food – all credit to Emily’s planning! Post-lunch we squeezed in a nap before heading out for the rehearsal, dinner, and catching up with old friends over drinks. 20140624-195706-71826014.jpg
Saturday started bright and early with hair and makeup and lots of fun girly time before we headed out for photos. I honestly don’t understand why random people want to take pictures of brides they don’t know, but we started to feel like Angela’s entourage fending off paparazzi. Ok, maybe 2 people asked to take photos with her, but it was weird!

Eventually we were herded into a lounge in the church to hide while the groom and guests arrived, and of course entertain ourselves taking more photos.20140624-194728-71248173.jpgThe ceremony flew by, Angela and Colin said their vows (yay!), and it was time for a party! Well, first more photos, then a party!

I don’t have a ton of photos from the night, but I stole a few from friends (thanks guys!) – a few highlights:20140624-194729-71249035.jpgDoesn’t the guitarist look like John Travolta??

All too soon the reception was over and we sent the couple off through a tunnel of sparklers.

Like I said, I love weddings. Catching up with old friends, celebrating a marriage, dressing up and dancing, it all makes for an amazing weekend. ‘Scuse the emotional surge, but getting to see my friends all happy and in love and making little families had me all teary. I mean I didn’t actually cry or anything, I’m so not a crier, but it’s quite heartwarming to be surrounded by people you love on such a happy occasion, and I wasn’t even the one getting married!


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