Working out with Nike

I let my gym membership lapse a while back since I wasn’t getting much use out of it. Between the gym in my building, outdoor running, and constant work travel it just didn’t make sense to keep paying for the occasional spinning class. I do miss the class atmosphere though so I was excited to see the return of Lululemon’s Yoga in the Park series. You may remember that I was a regular last year 🙂

Today’s class was a departure from the usual Vinyasa flow. Our instructor for the day took us through a Budokon workout, which has more of a martial arts element. The workout was a fun twist on the usual class – more intense too, but that may have just been because our instructor was pretty intense – and then we went through a series of “animal movements.” All I’ll say about that is to anyone walking through the park who saw a crowd of yogis attempting “chimp cartwheels” and “leopard leaps”…I’m sorry.

I decided to make Sunday a double workout when I saw that Nike Training Club is hosting a local pop up studio to promote their new sports bra line. I use the app when I’m working out on my own (fantastic btw) so I was excited for the chance to try a class in person.

I have to say, Nike is doing some seriously cool marketing with this pop up. Since they’re promoting their new sports bras we started with a personal fitting and bra recommendation, and then I got to actually wear one during class to see how it performed in an intense workout. Sports bras are super annoying to shop for since you never really know if you like one until it’s drenched in sweat and unreturnable, so this was brilliant. And yes, they’re laundering the testers between classes.

nike toronto 2

I’m currently a fan of Moving Comfort’s sports bras since they really do hold everything in place, but they’re pretty dense with lots of fabric so they trap a lot of heat and don’t dry quickly. The Nike bra I tried (the Pro Rival) had the same amount of support but is much more breathable. Better looking too! They’re pretty pricey though ($65 in the US/$75 in Canada), so I’m not exactly buying multiples yet.

On to the class! Eva Redpath, a Nike Master Trainer, led us through a routine similar to those in the app, but having her lead rather than the robot lady in the app made a huge difference. There were 7 of us in the class so we got a lot of personal attention. Eva kept the intensity pretty high with intervals and had us jogging in place between sets of wood choppers, froggers, push-ups and every variation on a plank you can imagine. We did some partner work too which was a nice addition. By the end I was ready to just pass out on the floor. Bolt Fresh Bar was passing out yummy smoothie samples after class though and that revived me enough to walk home…and collapse on the couch.

nike toronto

I’d imagine Nike is running similar pop ups in other major cities and it’s definitely worth checking out!


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