Exploring the Distillery District

The Distillery District is probably my favorite neighborhood in Toronto. What was a (surprise!) distillery that fell into disuse and years of neglect is now a bustling neighborhood of shops and galleries and restaurants and patios patios patios. The brick buildings and streets contrast beautifully with soaring glass condos, creating a truly unique space. I nearly lived in one of the condos but that arrangement fell through, which is probably for the best since the shopping is pretty dangerous since the neighborhood is kind of out of the way. Still, it’s an easy 20 minute walk from my place and perfect for a summer Sunday afternoon date.


Occasionally creepy modern art sculptures pop out between the brick buildings.



All of Toronto decided to take advantage of a rare sunny day to grab ice cream at Greg’s or Soma, or while away the afternoon with a drink on one of the many patios.


Between Mill Street Brewery & Beer Hall, El Catrin, Archaeo, and Pure Spirits Oyster House, along a few cafes and bakeries, there’s truly something for everyone.

The shopping is even better. My personal faves are Gotstyle for clothes and Biltmore Domicile for home furnishings/the most fantastically random collection of objects you’ll ever see.


Dusk under El Catrin’s twinkle lights was particularly charming with a belly full of mezcal and guacamole.



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