A Day in Montreal

Lately I’ve been dreaming of city hopping around Europe. I’ve pinged more than one friend suggesting we drop everything and fly to London/Paris/Barcelona…because that’s something adults with jobs and stuff totally do. Even though jetsetting isn’t really an option at the moment I was able to get a tiny little European fix with an afternoon in Old Montreal. Work took me to Montreal last week so I went up early and spent an afternoon wandering the cobblestone streets taking pictures of important-looking buildings and drinking café au lait.

Paris subway in Montreal

See? It’s just like Paris minus the transatlantic flight.

Old Montreal 1

Old Montreal 2

Old Montreal 3

I ducked into a cafe to escape the humidity with an iced coffee and a book…and a crepe, because why not?

Montreal crepe

Well fortified, I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the gorgeous buildings. Fun fact: a trip to Paris as a teenager inspired me to become an architect. A two week architecture summer camp taught me that it was better suited as a hobby than a career, so the extent of my appreciation is pretty much “oooh pretty!”

Old Montreal buildings 1

Old Montreal buildings 2

Old Montreal buildings 3

Old Montreal buildings 4

Old Montreal buildings 5

Old Montreal buildings 6

Old Montreal buildings 7À bientôt, Montreal.



2 responses to “A Day in Montreal

  1. Hey Claire!
    I was there for labor day weekend! Did you went into the Notre Dame church? It’s beautiful inside. The food in Montreal is so much yummier than Toronto too…I wish I could eat there everyday.

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