Summer Snaps

Well, this summer just flew by didn’t it? Less than stellar weather didn’t exactly help, but I did have some fun. Here are a few insta-worthy snaps that didn’t make it to the blog this summer.

Work brought me to San Francisco where I attempted to run a meeting while competing with this view.



I took advantage of a couple days in Chicago to visit my favorite running path.


A movie filming in my neighborhood brought these adorable props along. I think Adam Sandler is in this one?


Perfect view of the downtown skyline from the island after a lovely dinner at the Rectory Cafe


Neighborhood florals on a rare perfect day


Views from the top of the Ferris wheel at Taste of the Danforth




This table caught me in a weak moment after a day of nothing going right. Before I knew it she’d moved in. We’re getting along just fine.


Celebratory drinks at the Tadich Grill in San Fran (different trip) after a particularly good day


The perfect summer dress I’ve been living in for the last couple weeks (from Boden)

Boden Monte Carlo dress



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