5 Days of Gratitude

This week my friend Emily challenged me to post three things I’m grateful for every day for 5 days. It was a fun challenge and it made me pay a little more attention to the little every day things I’m grateful for.

Day 1: Like Emily I’m grateful for an upcoming college roomie reunion, having coworkers who are smart and fun to work with, and the band-aids I stashed in my purse for days like this when I pick my shoes for style over comfort.

I did get a lot of compliments on my shoes that day.

Day 2: Today I’m grateful for hot weather (a little late, but I’ll take it), the Ikea bookbook, and Fridays.

Day 3: Saturday mornings at the St. Lawrence market, unexpectedly scoring a blazer that’s been on my wish list for months half off, and the power of being polite to strangers.

Downtown Toronto was more than a little crazy over the weekend as the TIFF crowds descended. I held the door for a group leaving a very crowded coffee shop and overheard one woman say “Wow! Canadians are so nice! That made my day!” which is sort of a sad commentary on wherever she’s from, but it made me happy.

Day 4: Perfect weather for a 10K on the island, new friends, and coffee.

Meeting a bunch of new people at a friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday night was tons of fun and totally worth feeling a little sluggish for my race.

10K Bonus: High fives from cute kids & cute course officials, cold water, Britney, Beyonce, Ariana and Iggy, post-race burgers, awesome volunteers and the ability to run 6.2 miles.

toronto island 10k

Gorgeous course too!

Day 5: Friends who make me appreciate the little things, my parents who played along via email, and everyone who actually reads this blog!

Thanks Emily!



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