Goodbye Canada

I am a delinquent blogger, and for that I apologize. Since my last post…about going to the farmers market…I decided that I’d rather work on my writing skills with my little group of writing students instead of posting updates that I myself often found a bit boring.

The purpose of this blog was to chronicle the life of an American girl in the foreign land of Canada, which it turns out is actually not that foreign. On my last day of living up North I thought it time to officially shutter the blog as well. Tomorrow I move to Chicago for the third time, and I’m hopeful that this time it sticks.

Living in Canada was a great life experiment. I conquered some fears about moving to a city where I knew no one outside of work, navigated the bureaucratic nightmares involved in living and working in another country, exceeded the professional goals I set out for myself, and started apologizing approximately 3x more than I used to. I also say mo-BILE instead of MO-bil now which is annoying even to me.

This is all to say, thanks for reading along and weighing in on my home decor decisions. I’ve obviously already mentally decorated my new apartment in Chicago which I’ll probably Instagram the hell out of, so feel free to follow me there for the next adventure.


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